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Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering deals with creating designs, constructing and maintaining physical structures including rails, roads, bridges, buildings, dams, etc. Civil Engineering is one of the highly critical engineering domains where a perfectly built structure can facilitate people with much comfort but a minor mistake made by an engineer can take away hundreds of lives in seconds. So, deep knowledge and perfect understanding of the concepts and requirements of civil engineering is highly desirable. The perfection in learning starts with the search of a good engineering college whose only aim is to produce highly skilled professionals with adequate knowledge and competency.

The department has an objective to facilitate students with the best of the knowledge as strong fundamentals of all the core subjects along with their practical knowledge enhancement.

The department offers diploma program. A dedicated team of more than a dozen of highly qualified and effusive teachers, inclined towards the sincere efforts to impart the teaching and learning process for the better and best understanding of the concepts for the students.

The department has well equipped laboratories, namely applied mechanics lab, structural analysis lab, software labs, concrete technology lab, water resource lab and surveying lab.